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Posted by: validusvyto
Date posted: 04/08/2014 19:15
Title: Welcome to

Our journey at P2PDL begin in early 2012, with a community with few members, and we slowly built up on it.

With over 30000 members and 70000 torrents in database, only to p*censored* into oblivion, as funds crunch forced us to shut things down, alas we couldn't even take up back ups of our website.

Now we are at it again, trying to revive the old lost glory. Starting fresh and new, hoping to bring back what was lost.

Come join us, and lets go for a ride.

Mind you, we are still working on setting things properly over here, and there may be few bugs and nuisances, also fewer torrents. Pardon us, but we will sort it out together in next few days.