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Torrent name: The Figure - The Best of Drawing
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The Figure - The Best of Drawing

The Figure - The Best of Drawing 2016
English | 117 pages | True PDF | 20.6 mb

12 The Three-Layer Figure BY JASON FRANZ
Approach the figure through structural analysis and intuitive, layered line.
20 The Core Figure: A Source of Power and Accuracy BY DAN GHENO
Much of a figure drawing’s energy—as well as a subject’s likeness—comes from the compelling and accurate representation of the torso.
34 An Unrelenting Gaze: The Drawings of Philip Pearlstein BY JOHN A. PARKS
This celebrated artist uses drawing to depict what he sees with little thought for accepted standards of draftsmanship.
48 Fundamentals of Proportion: Measuring the Figure BY JON DEMARTIN
Using this easy technique, you can measure key proportions in the early stages of drawing and be sure you have an accurate foundation from which to work.
56 Learning From the Masters: Ingres’ Miraculous Lines BY MARK G. MITCHELL
The French master’s graphite drawings teach us much about contour and portraiture.
68 A Many-Sided Approach to the Figure BY AUSTIN R. WILLIAMS
Dan Thompson encourages students to celebrate the complexity of learning how to represent life through drawing.
76 Beauty, Balance & Accuracy BY AUSTIN R. WILLIAMS
Mark Tennant’s drawings evidence both rigorous academic standards and sensitivity to the nuances of the figure.
84 12 Anatomical Differences Between Men and Women BY LARRY WITHERS
The differences between male and female bodies range from the obvious to the very subtle, and knowledge of these details can lead us to more informed, realistic figure drawings.
94 Making Lines Move BY JOHN A. PARKS
The drawings of Fred Hatt are as much performances as objects.
102 Lessons From a Drawing Book BY KENNETH J. PROCTER
The figure and portrait drawings that we often come across in textbooks and drawing manuals are there for a reason. Whether we want to learn about chiaroscuro, line, negative space or perspective, these great drawings have much to teach.

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