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Torrent name: An Orchard Odyssey (gnv64)
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An Orchard Odyssey (gnv64)

An Orchard Odyssey: Finding and Growing Tree Fruit in the City, Community and Garden
by Naomi Slade
UIT Cambridge Ltd. | November 2016 | ISBN-10: 0857843265 | ePUB | 31.6 mb

An Orchard Odyssey is a gloriously illustrated resource for fruit lovers everywhere. Packed with practical ideas and inspiration, it encourages the reader to re-engage with tree fruit in new ways: look at it the right way and everyone can have an orchard. There are many ways of incorporating orchard living into your lifestyle, no matter how busy or short of space you are. Whether you have a few trees already or have always wanted an orchard of your own, this book illuminates the possibilities and enables you to make it a reality. Covering fruit in the environment, orchard heritage, and the role of the trees in garden and landscape design; An Orchard Odyssey shows you how to plant and care for your trees. Full of inspiring facts and promoting the ‘five trees’ orchard principle of orchards, it encourages the reader to embrace the orchards in a way that is personal to them.

About the Author

Naomi Slade is an established horticultural journalist, contributing to most of the major UK gardening magazines and several broadsheet newspapers on a frequent basis. She also gives talks on gardening and is a regular radio guest.

PART ONE: The orchard in the landscape
Chapter 1: From wilderness to cultivation
Chapter 2: An orchard tapestry
Chapter 3: Conservation and biodiversity
Chapter 4: Orchards in the community
PART TWO: An orchard of your own
Chapter 5: Creative orchard design
Chapter 6: Fruit trees for every space
Chapter 7: Tree planting and care
Chapter 8: Enjoying the harvest

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