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Torrent name: The Hologram - Principles and Techniques (gnv64)
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The Hologram - Principles and Techniques (gnv64)

The Hologram: Principles and Techniques
by Martin J. Richardson, John D. Wiltshire
Wiley-IEEE Press | November 2017 | ISBN-10: 1119088909 | PDF | 336 Pages | 8.34 mb

The Hologram: Principles and Techniques is an important book that explores the various types of hologram in their multiple forms and explains how to create and apply the technology. The authors offer an insightful overview of the currently available recording materials, chemical formulas, and laser technology that includes the history of phase imaging and laser science.
The Hologram is a well-designed instructive tool, involving three distinct disciplines: physics, chemistry, and graphic arts. This vital resource offers a guide to the development and understanding of the recording of materials, optics and processing chemistry in holography and:

• Discusses the pros and cons of the currently available recording materials
• Provides tutorials on the types of lasers required and optical systems, as well as diffraction theory and wave front reconstruction
• Details the chemical formulations for processing techniques

About the Authors
MARTIN J. RICHARDSON is Professor of Modern Holography in the Imaging & Displays Research Group at De Montfort University, Leicester Media School, UK. After graduating from The Royal College of Art with a PhD in Holographic Imaging, he was later awarded the Saxby Medal by The Royal Photographic Society in recognition of his sustained pioneering contributions to the science and technology of holographic imaging and to the physical understanding of its materials and applications.
JOHN D. WILTSHIRE is an independent consultant with over 35 years of experience in the field of optical technology

Foreword xi
Preface xiii
Dedications and Acknowledgements xvii
1 What is a Hologram? 1
2 Important Optical Principles and their Occurrence in Nature 27
3 Conventional Holography and Lasers 55
4 Digital Image Holograms 77
5 Recording Materials for Holography 93
6 Processing Techniques 117
7 Infrastructure of a Holography Studio and its Principal Components 153
8 Making Conventional Denisyuk, Transmission and Reflection Holograms in the Studio 185
9 Sources of Holographic Imagery 239
10 A Personal View of the History of Holography 263
Epilogue: An Overview of the Impact of Holography in the World of Imaging 295
Index 303

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