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Torrent name: Geological Wonders of Namibia (gnv64)
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Geological Wonders of Namibia (gnv64)

Geological Wonders of Namibia
by Michel Detay and Anne-Marie Detay
Penguin Random House South Africa | October 2017 | eISBN-10: 9781775842958 | ePUB | 15.5 mb

This stunning depiction of geology in Namibia combines searingly beautiful photography with clear explanations of how the varied landscapes formed. 
Arranged chronologically (starting 13.8 billion years ago), the chapters each deal with a particular event or process that has resulted in the formation under discussion. These include the early beginnings of the Earth, meteorites, canyons and limestone caves, vast desert landscapes, moonscapes and bizarrely-shaped rocks, and Namibia’s astonishing underwater lakes and reservoirs.
Picture-driven, with accessible text, this book features all the highlights of Namibian landscapes and landforms. A treat for travellers real and virtual – those on the road as well as those in armchairs.

Map of Namibia
Introduction: Milestones of Namibian geology
1.How it all began – [13.8 billion years ago]
2.Meteorites – [4.567 billion years ago]
3.The oldest rocks in Namibia – [2.645 billion years ago]
4.Africa’s largest canyon – [1.4 billion years ago to present]
5.Caves and cenotes – [750 million years ago]
6.Fossils and footprints – [750–190 million years ago]
7.Snowball Earth – [630 million years ago]
8.Volcanoes at work – [580–550 and 139–128 million years ago]
9.Wustenquell’s granite domes – [550 million years ago]
10.Bornhardts – [137–124 million years ago]
11.Bull’s Party granites – [130–110 million years ago]
12.Deserts and how they formed – [60 million years ago to present]
13.Natural arena for art – [35,000 years ago]
14.A wealth of gems and minerals – [20th century]
15.Flowing groundwater – [Today]
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