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Myths in Minutes (gnv64)

Myths in Minutes
By Neil Philip
Quercus | November 2017 | ISBN-10: 1681440628 | ePUB | 56.4 mb

Myths are the greatest stories ever told. Passed down over millennia, the great myths are the templates for all our stories, with their eternal themes of creation and destruction, fate and cunning, heroism and cruelty, sensuality and war.
Retold here are nearly 200 myths?Cfrom Prometheus defying Zeus to create man, to the destruction of Troy; from the reign of the sun god Ra in Egypt to the one-eyed, raven-flanked Odin of the icy North; and from valiant battles against Frost Giants and Cyclopes, to the heroic quests for the Golden Fleece and the Holy Grail?Call accompanied by commentaries on their origins, common themes, and meanings.
Compellingly written, concise, and with each myth illustrated with an iconic image, Myths in Minutes is the perfect way to understand and enjoy the world's great fables.

About the Author
Neil Philip is a writer, folklorist and poet. Among his many books are The Penguin Book of English Folktales, Mythology (with Philip Wilkinson), Myths and Legends, The Illustrated Book of Fairy Tales, the Illustrated Book of Myths, The Tale of Sir Gawain, and The Adventures of Odysseus. Neil has contributed to numerous journals and has written for stage, screen, and radio. His work has won many awards and honors, including the Aesop Award of the American Folklore Society.

What is mythology?
Myths of Ancient Egypt
Myths of Mesopotamia
Myths of Ancient Greece
Myths of Ancient Rome
Myths of the Celts
Myths of Scandinavia
Myths of North America
Myths of Mexico and Central America
Myths of South America
Myths of Africa
Myths of Oceania
Myths of China
Myths of Japan
Myths of India
Comparative mythology

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