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Torrent name: Philosophy - A Text with Readings (13th Ed)(gnv64)
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Philosophy - A Text with Readings (13th Ed)(gnv64)

Philosophy - A Text with Readings (13th Ed)
by Manuel Velasquez
Wadsworth Publishing | January 2016 | ISBN-10: 1305410475 | PDF | 698 Pages | 52.9 mb

One need only read a few pages of PHILOSOPHY: A TEXT WITH READINGS, 13th Edition, to appreciate Manuel Velasquez's gift for making complex philosophical concepts accessible to today's students while still exposing them to college-level writing. This book is a perfect choice for first-time philosophy students, as it covers a wide range of topics, including human nature, reality, truth, ethics, the meaning of life, diversity, and social/political philosophy, all supported by nontechnical primary sources. The thirteenth edition includes new features that help students engage with the topics and readings more than ever. Like the previous edition, this new edition includes critical-thinking and argument analysis activities carefully woven into the book's narrative. Whether you are teaching your course online or in the classroom, unmatched support is just a click away with MindTap for PHILOSOPHY: A TEXT WITH READINGS, a powerful course resource system.

About the Author
Having received his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, Manuel Velasquez now serves as the Charles Dirksen Professor of Business Ethics at Santa Clara University. He teaches courses in the Leavey School of Business in the Legal, Political, and Social Environment of the Firm, in Business Strategy, and in Business Ethics. Professor Velasquez's research interests lie in the field of business ethics, and he has published numerous articles in journals such as the ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT REVIEW, THE BUSINESS ETHICS QUARTERLY, SOCIAL JUSTICE RESEARCH, and THE BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS JOURNAL.

Preface xv
Chapter 1 The nature of Philosophy 2
Chapter 2 human nature 50
Chapter 3 Reality and Being 150
Chapter 4 Philosophy, Religion, and God 250
Chapter 5 The Sources of Knowledge 336
Chapter 6 Truth 426
Chapter 7 ethics 486
Chapter 8 Social and Political Philosophy 578
Chapter 9 Postscript: The Meaning of Life 666
Glossary 683
Index 687

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