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Torrent name: Bill Hurter's Small Flash Photography (gnv64)
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Bill Hurter's Small Flash Photography (gnv64)

Bill Hurter's Small Flash Photography: Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers
by Bill Hurter
Amherst Media | June 2011 | ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-282-3 | PDF | 125 pages | 16.6 mb

With the surge in popularity of small flash photography, this guide is a timely resource for shutterbugs looking to take full advantage of a growing trend. Studio flash systems are expensive, unwieldy, and often require the help of a hired assistant. The advent of the small flash allows working photographers to avoid large investments, gives them mobility when traveling to off-site photo shoots, and offers them functionality for illuminating small areas. Covering all aspects of the small flash, including gear selection, placement of flash units, and proper settings and communications, this helpful how-to also offers techniques and practical advice from a variety of practiced shooters who work with this illuminating medium. Professional and aspiring photographers will reap the rewards and overcome the challenges of shooting with a small flash with the help of this instructional manual.

About the Author

Bill Hurter has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years and is currently the editor in chief of "Rangefinder" magazine. He has authored over 40 books on photography and hundreds of articles on photography and photographic technique. He is a graduate of American University and Brooks Institute of Photography, from which he holds a BFA and Honorary Masters of Science and Masters of Fine Art degrees. He is married and lives in West Covina, CA.

Acknowledgments  . . . 7
Introduction  . . . 8
1. Small Flash Units  . . . 9
2. Small Flash Modifiers  . . . 13
3. Taking the Flash Off the Camera  . . . 34
4. Lighting Fundamentals for Small Flash . . . 47
5. Single Flash Techniques . . . 59
6. Multiple Flash Techniques . . . 76
7. Portrait Lighting . . . 88
Conclusion  . . . 111

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