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Torrent name: Robert Duncan - The Matrix Deciphered (2010) pdf - roflcopter2110 [WWRG]
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Download Robert Duncan - The Matrix Deciphered (2010) pdf - roflcopter2110 [WWRG]
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Robert Duncan - The Matrix Deciphered (2010) pdf - roflcopter2110 [WWRG]

Robert Duncan - The Matrix Deciphered (2010) pdf - roflcopter2110 [WWRG]

This is a book written by Robert Duncan (The Saint).

It is non-fiction and original research.

The only way we can win this informational civil war, is by educating a certain percentage of the population who will understand the technology and believe the thousands of witnesses.

Only then, will government finally stop torturing and killing citizens with these directed energy weapons and apologize for their "indiscretions‟.

Then a new dawn for mankind will come of age that promises to unify the peoples of the world, eliminate pain, and possibly allow us to cheat death.

It is the last war that will ever be fought.

But the stakes are very high.

It is our souls, our freedom of thought and expression, our uniqueness and individuality that will be lost forever if we fail.

Here is secret #1 that has been suppressed by the forces of ignorance in the government.

There was a patent that I will keep referring to throughout this book because of the importance of the work.

It is published in the appendix.

In 1974, Robert Malech, an employee of Dorn & Margolin Inc., a major defense subcontractor in radar design now owned by EDO Corporation an even larger all defense contractor in electronic warfare, invented a fairly simple radar device that could read whole brain electrical activity at a large distance.

It has the major advantages of no wires and full brain electrical activity analysis, not just points on the skull surface.

He discovered and perfected a way to use some simple electromagnetic oscillations anywhere from 100Mhz to 40 Ghz to read brainwaves by “illuminating” the brain and its electrical conductance then reading the return signal.

The imaging method observes the changes of frequency resonances, amplitude, and phase which represent the states of neuron depolarization throughout the brain.

The psychotronic concentration camps are no small operation.

It is being done on people through out the world and not just in the U.S.

The invisible torture without physical scarring is purposefully creating growing anger and resentment towards the U.S. and allies around the world.

Manchurian Candidates are created with these methods developed out of the CIA MKULTRA program.

What is their strategy and reason for doing this?

I don‟t pretend to understand all the complexities of world politics and need for power and domination, but these aggressive actions and attacks by the U.S. on the world's population must have the purpose of creating the impression and fear that terrorism is everywhere.

Perhaps it is further justification for military expansion and a new world order.

Perhaps it is the way the military is creating the atmosphere where these neuron influencing weapons will be acceptable as stated in some of their documents.

Perhaps it is to justify further loss of freedom and more domestic surveillance ushering in a fascist state more quickly.

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