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Torrent name: Fundamentals of Calculus (gnv64)
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Fundamentals of Calculus (gnv64)

Fundamentals of Calculus
by Carla C. Morris and Robert M. Stark
Wiley | 2016 | ISBN: 111901526X | ePUB | 37.4 mb

Features the techniques, methods, and applications of calculus using real-world examples from business and economics as well as the life and social sciences

An introduction to differential and integral calculus, Fundamentals of Calculus presents key topics suited for a variety of readers in fields ranging from entrepreneurship and economics to environmental and social sciences.
Practical examples from a variety of subject areas are featured throughout each chapter and step-by-step explanations for the solutions are presented. Specific techniques are also applied to highlight important information in each section, including symbols interspersed throughout to further reader comprehension.
In addition, the book illustrates the elements of finite calculus with the varied formulas for power, quotient, and product rules that correlate markedly with traditional calculus. Featuring calculus as the “mathematics of change,” each chapter concludes with a historical notes section.

Fundamentals of Calculus chapter coverage includes:

-  Linear Equations and Functions
-  The Derivative
-  Using the Derivative
-  Exponents and Logarithms
-  Differentiation Techniques
-  Integral Calculus
-  Integrations Techniques
-  Functions of Several Variables
-  Series and Summations
-  Applications to Probability

Supplemented with online instructional support materials, Fundamentals of Calculus is an ideal textbook for undergraduate students majoring in business, economics, biology, chemistry, and environmental science.

About the Authors
Carla C. Morris, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Associate in Arts Program at the University of Delaware.  A member of The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and the Mathematical Association of America, Dr. Morris teaches courses ranging from college algebra to calculus and statistics.
Robert M. Stark, PhD, is Professor Emeritus in the Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Delaware.  Dr. Stark's teaching and research interests include applied probability, mathematical optimization, operations research, and mathematics education.

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