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Torrent name: The Periodic Table in Minutes (gnv64)
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The Periodic Table in Minutes (gnv64)

The Periodic Table in Minutes
by Dan Green
Quercus | September 2016 | ISBN-10: 1681443309 | ePUB/MOBI | 22.3/33.9 mb

An icon of science, the Periodic Table defines the fundamental chemistry of everything in the universe. In this compact yet comprehensive guide, Dan Green outlines the history, development and workings of the table, shows how its design reflects and illuminates the organisation of all matter, and even explains what it has to tell us about the chemistry of distant stars and of our own bodies.
Contents include an individual entry for every known element detailing properties, uses and key data, and sections on the patterns and groups of the famous table, as well as explanations of basic chemistry concepts such as elements and compounds, atomic structure, chemical bonds, reactions and radioactivity, amongst many others.

About the Author

Dan Green has an amazing ability for science communication. His book "Rebel Science" is shortlisted for The Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize 2016. "Human Body Factory" and "Discover More: The Elements" were also shortlisted in 2013, and The Elements was listed as Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students by the National Science Teachers Association.
Dan Green is a science communicator and storyteller with over 15 years experience of writing and editing popular science titles. A graduate of Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, Dan has authored over 40 titles for children and adults. His bestselling Basher Science series has sold over 3 million copies worldwide and his title The Elements was shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize, 2013.

The periodic table
Key to element data
Essential chemistry
Development of the periodic table
The chemistry of elements
Patterns in the periodic table
The elements
Picture credits
About the Author
Other Titles in the Series
About the Book

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