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Torrent name: Handbook of Porous Silicon (2nd Ed)(gnv64)
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Handbook of Porous Silicon (2nd Ed)(gnv64)

Handbook of Porous Silicon (2nd Ed)
by Leigh Canham
Springer | May 2018 | ISBN-10: 3319713795 | ePUB/True PDF | 1578 Pages | 84/43.6 mb

This handbook updates the most fast-moving research areas of porous silicon research, introduces a range of brand new topics not reviewed before and is even more inclusive of worldwide centres of expertise. Rapid advances are being made in porous silicon anodes for lithium batteries, biodegradable nanoparticles and nanoneedles for medical therapy and imaging, energetics and bio-diagnostic techniques. A number of additional characterization and processing techniques are also reviewed for the first time. Experts from 10 additional countries are involved in the 2nd edition: China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belarus, and Brazil, making more than 40 countries in total. The handbook therefore covers expertise from every continent. Another new feature is a review dedicated to industrial activity. This second edition endeavours to provide the community with a truly comprehensive database and up-to-date commentary on this versatile nanostructured material.

About the Author
Leigh Canham has over 30 years of experience conducting research on widely differing aspects of silicon technology.  Two key personal discoveries – that silicon can emit light efficiently (1990) and be rendered medically biodegradable (1995) have had significant academic impact (>20,000 citations) and commercial impact (multiple company creation).  Leigh is a scientist devoted to finding novel properties and uses for the semiconductor that already pervades our everyday lives. 

Part I Fabrication
Part II Properties
Part III Characterization
Part IV Processing
Part V Applications

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