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Torrent name: PrivaZer Donors version 3.0.54 + Portable - [PirateZone]
File size: 22.5 MB
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Categories: Apps
Torrent hash: 1f4fe079194b53d496211cd8520fda3f8f654aaa
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Uploader: piratezone
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Download PrivaZer Donors version 3.0.54 + Portable - [PirateZone]
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PrivaZer Donors version 3.0.54 + Portable - [PirateZone]


PrivaZer Donors version


Free PC cleaner & Privacy tool – It cleans and removes unwanted traces of your past activities.
See exactly what can still be recovered of your past activities on your PC at home, at work.
In-depth cleanup of unwanted traces of what you’ve done, watched, downloaded, deleted, etc.
Master your security & freedom – Free up disk space. Keep your PC fit and secure !!!

More than 100 scans / cleanups. With simply one click, PrivaZer is able to clean securely:

    Internet browsers, Index.dat, Cookies, Cookies Tor, Cookies Flash, Cookies Silverlight, DOM Storage, IndexedDB, AppCache
    Registry, RAM, Pagefile.sys and Hiberfil.sys files
    Use of software, Messengers, Histories of visited websites, viewed videos, use of software, opened docs, Jumplists, etc
    Recycle bin, Temp files, Log files, Invalid Prefetch entries, Indexing service, ThumbCaches, Thumbs.db
    Residual traces of deleted files, Free space, File table (MFT or FAT), INDEX attributes in MFT, USN Journal, etc

10 Innovative solutions in data security:

    Detection of residual traces in free space
    Smart cleanup of free space
    File table cleanup
    Smart overwriting
    Smart cleanup of Jumplists
    Smart cleanup of Prefetch
    Deletion of USB history
    Scan and cleanup of Pagefile.sys / Hiberfil.sys content
    Scan of thumbnails
    Scan of residual traces in Indexing service


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x64)
Language: ML
Medicine: Keygen.

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Files list

- PrivaZer.exe File size : 14.6 MB
- Portable/PrivaZer_for_donors.exe File size : 7.12 MB
- File size : 805.16 KB