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Torrent name: The God Plant (2018) Documentary
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The God Plant (2018) Documentary

The God Plant (2018) Documentary.mp4 - 1h 50min 1s 904 x 480

This documentary seeks to be the ultimate Odyssey of exploration into Cannabis and its uses starting from the formation of the Endocannabinoid system in the simple sea squirt, through to its early uses, the plant's medical benefits and landing at the modern legalisation movements across the Globe. Where the billions generated in tax could be re-invested back into hospitals, roads, fire departments, scientific research, community projects and the list goes on.

When most people hear the word Weed or Cannabis, they imagine happy, hungry stoners, in most cases, using an illegal recreational drug. For the vast majority of people this is where their knowledge on the subject begins and ends. Cannabis, or its non psycho-active form Hemp, has been used by humans for thousands of years and is currently the number one contender for being one of the most useful plants on the planet.

Please share this information far and wide, burn the video to DVDs/Blu-ray discs or put it on USB Flash Drives and give them out to friends, family and others.

Please seed as long as possible, at least to a ratio of 1.100, thank you :)

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Infos             : 2 channels, 48.0 kHz
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- The God Plant (2018) Documentary.mp4 File size : 269.1 MB